Weighted Blanket Safety Information

Weighted blankets should only be used with the direction and advice of your doctor, consultant, occupational therapist or other suitably qualified health professional.

Ensure that the blanket is the correct weight for the user  

You should not exceed the blanket weight suggested unless instructed by a qualified health professional such as your Occupational Therapist.

  • Ensure that the blanket does not cover the users face or neck and never use the blanket as a restraint. 
  • The user should be supervised and be able to self remove the blanket.
  • Check the blanket on a regular basis for signs of wear & tear.  If threads are coming loose or there are signs of beads escaping you should stop using the blanket immediately.
  • In the unlikely event of any discomfort discontinue use immediately.
  • Keep the blanket away from heat sources, naked flames and cigarettes. 
  • Do not place on heaters or radiators.
  • The child must not be rolled in the blanket, it should be placed over them. If used on a bed the blanket must not be draped over the sides of the bed
  • Remind the child using the blanket that it can be removed at any time if it gets too hot, uncomfortable, heavy etc.
  • Weighted products should not be used for longer than 20 at a time

Weighted products SHOULD NOT be used for anyone with:

  • Respiratory (breathing) problems
  • Cardiac (heart) problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Serious hypotonia (low tome)
  • Skin conditions including certain allergies
  • Physical, learning or other difficulties that mean the person is unable to move the blanket independently.

Washing Instructions:
Hand Wash or Machine wash on a cool wash (30 to 40 degrees C) and allow to dry naturally.
Do not tumble dry
Do not Iron.
Do not Dry Clean

The blanket weight should be in proportion to the child’s weight and physique. 

It is recommended that the blanket should not exceed 10% of bodyweight unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional

Weighted blankets should be used under the supervision of a responsible  adult at all times. You should seek medical advice before placing an order for one of our weighted products. Spectrum Holidays accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury caused the misuse of blankets and lap pads supplied or by the customer not following, or seeking, medical advice before purchasing any of our weighted products.

By placing an order for weighted products you are agreeing that you have read, understood and agree with the terms of purchase and that the person you are buying the blanket or lap pad for does not fit in to any of the categories listed above of people that should not use weighted products.