Water Play

Water and messy play are the most popular form of sensory play – The toys and equipment you will find here are designed for use in indoors and out and can be used with water or filled with lots of different materials to help children explore new textures as well as promoting communication, social skills, cooperation and improving motor skills as well as introducing early maths and science concepts….and they’re fun to play with!

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  • 58cm Sand and Water Tray (Clear)

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  • Alpha Boats (Pack of 26)

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  • Bath Crayons

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  • Bubble Wall (white base)

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  • Circular Water Tray and Stand (Clear)

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  • Clear Exploration Circle Tray

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  • Clear Water Tray with 40cm Blue Stand

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  • Colour Exploration Tray

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  • Colour Splats

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  • Mesh Ball With Water Beads

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  • Rainbow Gel Number Fish (Pack of 21)

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  • Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles (50x50cm) Assorted Colours

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  • Sensory Mood Water Table

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  • Squishy Sparkle Circles

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  • Unicorn Sensory Bag

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