Sensory Tactile Bag


Our Sensory Tactile Bag comes with lots of fidget toys which encourage tactile exploration

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Our Sensory Tactile Bag comes with lots of fidget toys which encourage tactile exploration. This pack is great for those who are tactile defensive as a way to introduce new textures and encourage exploration. The bag is also a perfect option for children who already enjoy discovering new textures and we have included some of our favourite textured toys to keep busy hands occupied and help aid concentration. Comes with a handmade fabric drawstring bag.

Included in the bag:

Mesh Ball with Water Beads – When squeezed the ball will burst through the netting for tactile fun

Ribbon Ball – Squeezy, gel ball filled ball with pieces of ribbon which create mesmerising colours when squeezed (Colour Assortment)

Sensory Fabric – Squares of soft silk fabric, great for sensory play (Colour Assortment)

Spikey Light Up Ball – Coloured plastic ball covered in small spikes, great for sensory exploration with light inside (Colour Assortment)

Shark Poo – Play Putty with hidden shark toy inside – the putty is not slimy and a good way to introduce a new texture (Colour Assortment)

Boggle Ball – colourful ball covered in big and small nodules for a fun tactile experience (Colour Assortment)

Tactile Shells – 6 large colourful plastic shells that are covered in different textures (Colour Assortment)

Puffer Toy – Squash, squeeze and stretch these toys into a variety of shapes, give it a shake and it lights up from the inside (Colour Assortment)

Stretchy Caterpillar – These large caterpillars are completely covered in stretchy, rubbery hairs making them wonderfully tactile and distinctive, whilst still being a fantastic fiddle toy. (Colour Assortment)

Electromites – Squeezable balls with big smiley faces and lots of wobbly, rubbery tentacles. When they make impact with a firm surface, red and blue lights hidden inside frantically flicker on and off to add to their rather manic, jolly appearance. (Colour Assortment)

Mini Pin Art – Sturdy frame with close to 700 plastic pins sticking out of the back. Any object pressed into the array of pins leaves an imprint on the other side of the frame, creating some impressive, artistic and often funny designs that are held until the frame is tipped and reset

Ages 6+