Sensory Mat Set – Space



3…2…1… Blast Off!

Build up the Space Path and you can start your adventure. These fun, space themed mats include all sorts of space objects such as rockets, planets, comets and aliens and are great for encouraging imaginative play and  language development.

Children will love to exercise on these Sensory Play Mats to improve their balance and gross motor skills, as well as aiding fine motor skills when touching and exploring all the space characters on each individual mat.

The Sensory Space Set comes in limited edition colours of gold and silver as well as standard Blue and Purple

The use of the set also helps to strengthen foot muscles, prevents and corrects development of flatfoot, and by activating the reflexology zones it helps to reduce tiredness and improves general well-being.

Set consists of 8 Space Sensory Play Mats 25x25cm

The Sensory Play Mats are modular and should be used as a puzzle so you are able to join as many of these mats as you need to at a time. Just like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

All of the play mats have a compact non-slip structure, and is made of hygienic, easy to wash and easy to sanitise material.

Recommended Age: 2 years to Adults

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride